Schengen 90 day rule

For UK citizens the process of purchasing a property in Spain has not changed, nor have the rights of the purchaser. A UK citizen has equal rights and obligations under domestic and European Law, regardless of your residency status or nationality.

What has changed is that UK citizens have to adhere to the same rules as all citizens of non-EU visa-free countries, e.g. UK, USA, Australia. This means that they cannot remain in any Schengen Area country for more than 90 days in a 180 day period. Visitors are also not permitted to engage in paid work or study during this time period. You are permitted to travel for business, visiting family or friends, and tourism. 

For UK citizens this came into effect from the 01st January 2021, the EU regulation 2018/1806 gives you in-depth detail on the law and the countries it affects. In effect, the same rules now apply to UK citizens should they wish to visit the United States or the EU and Schengen countries. 

It is important to know that the 90-day rule is cumulative, as you can see from the example below, or click on the Schengen Visa Calculator 

10-02-2022 - 5 Day visit to Paris, leave Paris 15-02-2022

The 10-02-2022 is when the 180 day period starts, this means that from the 10-02-2022, until 08-08-2022 you can only stay in a Schengen country for a cumulative 90 days. In this example, you have 85 days remaining to use.

01-04-2022 - 10 day Family Visit to Spain, leave Spain 11-04-2022

At this stage a total of 15 cumulative days have been used, so you have 75 days remaining

01-06-2022 - 69 days touring Spain, leave Spain 08-08-2022, total 69 days 

So in the period 10-02-2022 to 08-08-2022, a total of 89 days have been used up. 

On 09-08-2022 the 180 day period starts again and a further 90 days can be used in the Schengen area.

We look forward to talking to you about purchasing a property in Spain and helping you buy your dream home on the Costa Blanca. 

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