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  • Villa for sale in Moraira with 3 and 2 bathrooms
  • Villa for sale in Moraira with 3 and 2 bathrooms
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New build villa walking distance to all amenities.

Stunning Ibiza style villa built by a well-renowned luxury developer. built over 2 levels with the main living area all on 1 level benefiting from a large covered terrace looking south/west towards the sea. on the living area you have a large lounge/sitting room with built-in fireplace, A/C and double sliding doors leading to the terrace area. The luxury kitchen opens up to the dining area and also has access to the lounge, 3 good sized bedrooms with 1 en-suite and a family bathroom with walk-in showers. the roof area has been made into a sunny BBQ area with electric, water and a pagoda, this area is aperfect entertaining area taking in the amazing sea views. 

Leading from the terrace brings you to the infinity pool and sun terrace, this area is a great size and totally private for your sun loungers. On the lower level, you have a double garage and a single garage area, this area can be made into a 4th bedroom or even a separate apartment, giving your guests their own space and the drive is big enough for at least 4 cars.

The garden area has been made very low maintenance with dry stone wall terracing keeping in with the character of the build. 

The location of this villa is perfect, only a 6-minute walk to some of the best bars and restaurants in Moraira, supermarkets and the beach, Moraira town centre is a 17-minute walk along the beach.

A superb villa – for more information please contact – sales@newlifepropertyspain.com or call 693 548 202 


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