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  • Apartment for sale in Calpe with 3 and 3 bathrooms
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 Ambar Beach Ático 221B


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Fabulous duplex penthouse located 100 metres from the Levante Beach. It is very close to the AR Diamante Beach Spa hotel & Convention Centre. With a total surface area of 278m2, fully furnished and with fitted wardrobes, consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Three of the bedrooms are located on the first floor, one of them with an en suite bathroom. There is a spacious and comfortable dining room, making this penthouse a great opportunity. From the living room you have direct access to an open terrace, which gives you unbeatable views over the beach and the Rock of Ifach, Calpe's most emblematic natural park. You can also enjoy the views over the mountains surrounding Calpe. The second floor consists of a wide living-room furnished, a bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen. In addition, there is also a covered terrace and a pergola. Its swimming pools and parking spaces are some of the facilities you will find in the building's communal areas.

Personalization and reform included in the price. Ask for conditions. 

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