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10 Reasons why you’ll fall in love with the Costa Blanca

10 Reasons why you’ll fall in love with the Costa Blanca

If you are trying to imagine your life in Spain, or if you’re looking for your perfect home in paradise as an investment, a holiday getaway or a permanent new chapter, let us tell you why you won’t regret choosing one of the beautiful towns in the Costa Blanca.

1. Beaches

Running parallel to the ocean entirely, guarantees that whichever town on the Costa Blanca you pick – you will always be close to the sand and sea. Beach lovers can expect a contrast between long stretches of sand and tucked away charming pebble coves, the popular beaches have lifeguards throughout summer, sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent and a restaurant or bar is always only a stones throw away.

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2. Local culture

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture on the Costa Blanca and spend your free time wandering the cobbled streets in what is known as ‘the Old Town’ in Denia, Javea, Altea and Moraira to name a few. Stumble across magnificent cathedrals, typical Spanish bars and narrow streets filled with character, charming shops and the hustle and bustle of everyday life of the locals.

3. Cuisine

Discover hundreds of Spanish and International restaurants (thanks to the large expat communities) to satisfy all favourite cuisines on the Costa Blanca, it’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world and the local Tapa’s bars especially boast fresh produce, freshly caught fish and an array of incredible flavour combinations to try.

4. Walks and hikes

No matter your age or fitness level, there are numerous walks or hikes to enjoy or to challenge yourself with on the Costa Blanca with breathtaking views. One of our favourites is the picturesque stroll from a stunning cove in Cala Blanca to a look-out point in Portixol. The beauty of the white chalky cliffs and the turquoise waters below will etch into your memory and remind you of how lucky you are to experience these views as often as you like.

5. Fiestas

Party the days, or nights away in one of the many Fiesta’s celebrated in each local town on the Costa Blanca, there is nothing like experiencing the family friendly events in purely traditional Spanish culture. From impressive colourful firework displays over the ocean to bonfires lit across the beach in summer or incredibly organised parades and fire burning you will never tire of the feverish atmosphere.

6. A holiday on holiday

Take advantage of the two famously popular islands on the Costa Blanca, only an a ferry ride away from Denia, spend a free weekend throughout the year exploring Ibiza or Formentera and treat yourself to a holiday away…from living in a holiday that is.

7. Outdoor activities

We challenge you to be bored living so close to the ocean with activities such as Jet-Skiing, local marinas to moor yachts or speedboats, accompanied cave snorkelling trips, incredible diving schools with the chance to see Manta-Rays and a world of sea life, kite-surfing, paddle- boarding and child friendly blow up adventure parks in the sea and pedal boat rentals at the popular beaches on the Costa Blanca.

8. City escapes

Take advantage of the comfortable train journeys along the coast that with interchanges, can even take you as far as Barcelona or Madrid in a matter of hours – sit back and relax and take in the passing sea views as the track runs directly alongside the coast of the Costa Blanca.

9. International languages and comforts

It can be hard moving to a new country and missing home comforts or wondering if you will meet like minded people that speak other languages than Spanish until you are able to learn the language at your own pace. The Costa Blanca is populated with many international residents from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands and many more. Finding shops that sell your favourite foods or meeting people is never difficult, there are also many accredited businesses that communicate in all languages such as financial advisors, construction contractors, real estate agents like the professional and friendly staff at New Life Property, lawyers and anything else that you might need assistance with can almost always be obtained.

10. Education

For some people, deciding on an area in Spain can be associated with finding esteemed education for their children or by taking that into consideration when making an investment for long-term holiday rentals. The Costa Blanca has two private International schools in the vicinity and one even has arranged coach transport from the larger towns in the Costa Blanca to and from school. The schools admit students of all ages with a primary and secondary school that also covers further education to ensure that your children’s education isn’t compromised by moving country. The public Spanish schools, although following a different education and time format, are also extremely popular with international students.

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